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Tenth Anniversary of an Album worthy of being loved.

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This place has a front page? There’s a Netherlands beer that has a tequila aroma? Willy’s listening to waltzes? Only ten more days Burbank.

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Year-End post of my favorite songs I listened to in 2013.

Few of which are from 2013.

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Neon Bunny Oh My Prince

야광토끼 - 왕자님

Most interesting track I’ve heard all month. Lorde might be pulling good influences from modern pop as a young adult, but Neon Bunny is effectively drawing inspiration from Miami Horror, Van She, and other sources of indie modern pop that are so well-produced, their songs deserve to be played inside and outside of Forever 21s in Korea.

Neon Bunny is also the winner of Korea’s 2012 Best Pop Album Award for Seoulight. If critics and awards matter to you.

Sylvia - Loveholic

Piano/rock from Korea, which ranks among the most beautiful songs I’ve listened to this year.

Source: SoundCloud / Tou Xiong 1

Ballad of the Wind Fish - Aivi Tran & Amaterasu

Link’s Awakening/Koji Kondo


New Video: Paramore - Still Into You

Directed by Isaac Rentz

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Roly Poly (Japanese Ver.) - T-ara

If LCD Soundsystem and ABBA ever decided to write songs together, this might have been the outcome.

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